I am thrilled to share with you an exceptional achievement realized by our dynamic real estate partners, a devoted husband and wife team. Within just five months of implementing our innovative system, they have achieved remarkable success, nearing 100% in commissions while closing on nearly $2 million in sales.
Their remarkable journey epitomizes the power of collaboration, dedication, and the effective utilization of our system to drive timely results in the real estate industry. Through their unwavering commitment to excellence, they have not only surpassed financial milestones but have also established themselves as leaders in their market.
This achievement is a testament to the impact of our system and the excellence at work that our partners deliver with exceptional service and results to their clients. Congratulations to our esteemed husband and wife partners on this incredible accomplishment. Your success is a true reflection of your hard work, perseverance, and unwavering dedication to excellence.
🌟We aim to succeed and they are a true example of what is possible when passion meets opportunity. 🌟
I am thrilled to share with you what our esteemed real estate agent partner has accomplished in just 3 short months. Through diligent dedication and the utilization of our innovative Google Guaranteed program, they have achieved a remarkable milestone, capping to 100% in commissions while successfully closing on nearly $2 million in sales.
This extraordinary success serves as a testament to the effectiveness of our system and the unwavering commitment of our partners to excellence. By leveraging our system, our partner has not only reached her financial goals but has also solidified her position as a leading force in her competitive real estate market.
We applaud her hard work, determination, and outstanding performance, which have undoubtedly set a new standard for success. 🌟
We aim to create opportunities for growth and prosperity together.
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We are actively implementing the exact strategies we discuss on this page and have a track record of success and hands-on experience implementing proven campaigns with our real estate team.

Our Guarantee!

If you are confident in building relationships, we guarantee that the leads received from Google will result in listing appointments and buyer appointments for you and your team. If, for any reason, a lead does not meet these criterias, there is a money-back guarantee that Google ensures for this program.

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Join 100's of Agents using Google to convert ready deals into closings!

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Top-tier leads guaranteeing that you only receive calls & inquiries from serious ready-to-sell & buy prospective clients. Have meaningful conversations to convert 25% more leads than the average rate,

Team Support

Specialized team support to assist you every step of the process. Receive all the tools and knowledge you need to stay competitive. Free up your time to focus on closing deals and growing your business relationships.

Account Management

Gives you support with numerous administrative responsibilities and day-to-day operations. Reach peak efficiency to new heights of success by streamlining your processes.

Website Lead Capture Pages

Get lead capture pages that deliver real results, converting website visitors into ready prospects to receive an ongoing stream of serious ready buyers & sellers.

Lead Follow-up & Accountability

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by leads that go through the cracks? Get lead nurturing support to ensure that no opportunity is missed. Keep track of lead progress & closings, and receive frequent lead volume reports,

Pay At Closing Options

Exclusive Pay At Closing opportunities so that you have the power to stay at the top of your finances while thriving in the market without worrying about ongoing monthly fees.

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About us

A premier marketing agency dedicated to real estate-focused Google ads.
We are more than just an advertising company for real estate. We are a group of committed specialists committed to providing consistent and sustainable results. Our vision is clear: to cater exclusively to our agent partners and transform the way real estate advertising is done. We have dedicated ourselves to assisting real estate professionals like you in achieving unmatched success in the digital landscape. With our expert advertising services, we ensure that you rank #1 on Google or earn a coveted position in the Top 3 search results and attract a continuous flow of high-quality leads month after month. Your success story begins right here.
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Our Success Stories

"After being burned out in the past, Brett needed a way to generate qualified leads for his business to grow consistent closings. Within just 1 week from getting started, he already had 2 interested clients looking to buy & sell their house! Within his first 30 days of being active on Google he already has closed 1 deal with a buyer, listing 1 property with a seller and has more in the pipeline!"
2 months

Brett S

Independent Agent
"Meghan has worked in a highly competitive exclusive rural area and couldn’t find a way to generate opportunities local to her area in the mountains of California. After 2 months of being active on Google she obtained and listed a new property with a seller and has a multi-contract deal with a prospective buyer & seller client."
3 months

Meghan H

Team Lead
"Joe has worked his SOI, circle prospecting and cold calling to generate business. He needed a way to have a digital marketing strategy that would produce actual results. Within his first 30 days of being active on Google he obtained and received a call from a serious buyer. Within 6 weeks from getting started he closed his first deal and has several more in the pipeline!"
2 months

Joe Crabb

Independent Agent
"Trini had been doing open houses, working her past clients, and waiting on referrals. She needed a way to dial into getting online exposure for her business to be able to grow more listings and seller clients. Within just 4 months of working with us she already had $1,000,000 in new listing deals scheduled-to-close in her pipeline! After just 5 months she already had closed/secured a handful of listings and active buyers for a total pipeline revenue of nearly $4 million dollars! She is on track to MORE THAN double her sales production from the prior year!"
4.5 months

Trini k

Independent Agent
"Patrick and Holly are a dynamic wife and husband team. They had been using traditional marketing methods including word of mouth, working their sphere and another paid ad platform that had not turning into any sales or profit. They needed a way to level up their business this year, build an online presence to get people to call them that would turn into actual sales. Within just 45 days from starting to work with us they already had gotten paid from their first closing and had another deal scheduled-to-close the very next month! After just 3 months they already had closed/secured a one buyer and one listing and actively working with more buyers and sellers that are HOT in their pipeline!"
3 months

Patrick and Holly W

Independent Agent
"Itzel had tried a plethora of marketing methods including regularly sending mailers, door knocking, and using social media to obtain new clients for her business. She needed to find a reliable way to get new serious-ready buyer and seller clients without having to wait on referrals. Within 30 days of working with us, we helped her dial in her systems and processes and already had over $3 million dollars in active/signed buyers and seller deals! She now is on track to obtain 5 deals/month from the Google advertising system and she is on track to double her production from the prior year!"
1.5 months

Itzel G

Independent Agent

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